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Gemma Doll-Grossman is an LA-based cinematographer. 


She graduated from AFI Conservatory in 2019 with an MFA in Cinematography. ​


She has lensed films which have premiered at Venice, SXSW, Maryland, and AFI Film Festivals. She was a cinematography fellow of Film Independent's Project Involve 2022.

Her features are currently in post-production: Francisco Ordoñez's erotic crime thriller The Low End Theory, Seabold Kreb's psychological drama Bury Me When I'm Dead  and Matt Hardy's Dogme 95-inspired Bare.


A San Franciscan with Wesleyan dual degrees in Film and Biology, Gemma is fluent in Italian. She is committed to capturing untapped perspectives, utilizing experimental techniques, and exploring sexuality, grief and body horror.

photo by Caryn Waechter

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